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Construction waste removal with grab hire lorries


The two most popular options for construction waste removal is grab hire lorries and skips.

ND Brown will explain during this blog why a grab lorry is always the best choice.

7 Reasons to choose our grab hire vehicles

Grab lorries have double the capacity than skips – While it may sound excessive to have a grab lorry to haul away waste from your job site, they are ideal given their size.
Any project that involves getting rid of the old and bringing in the new will inevitably generate plenty of unwieldy waste.

Save money – According to industry statistics from Houzz, 46% of homeowners go over budget on home renovation projects, with only 6% able to come in under budget.

This is where grab lorries come in handy, as they come with a one-off rental fee plus you won’t need to pay permit fees as you would for a skip and there is no labour involved to fill the lorry.

You will only need to rent the grab lorry for a single trip – as opposed to paying rent for a skip over days and weeks.

Take the work out of construction waste removal – Filling a skip is not a fun task with everything needing to be hauled to the skip and then lifted over the rim and thrown inside. Medium-sized pieces of scrap won’t pose too many issues but larger and heavy waste can be more arduous.

A grab lorry takes all the worry out of these tasks with the grab arm able to pick up construction waste and deposit it into the lorry.

Remove most types of waste – Because grab lorries use a grab arm they can remove almost any type of waste. Things that are too heavy to lift such as whole trees or cement slabs are an issue if you only use a skip.

Grab hire lorries will be able to pick up and dispose of these types of waste easily.

They are agile – One of the main benefits of grab hire lorries is that they are agile. They are often able to park within a property or area where a skip cannot access.

Grab arms can also remove hard to access waste that would have taken hours to get rid of by hand. This makes it the best option for getting rid of waste in places such as behind walls or fences.

No need for skip permits – If a skip is deposited on the pavement you will need to have applied for a permit beforehand. This ensures that the skip isn’t obstructing traffic or pedestrians while it is on your site.

To obtain the permit you will have to apply and pay for it and then wait a few days before it arrives. If you hire a grab lorry, you will not need a permit meaning it can be arranged much faster.

Use grabbers for delivery too – One of the conveniences of grab lorries is that they can be used to deliver materials to the site as well as remove them.

If you have raw materials such as sand, soil or rock that need delivery, why not use a grabber?

Once onsite, the grab lorry can easily offload the materials and then load up the waste that needs removing.

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Construction waste removal is often an overlooked aspect of building and construction projects that adds time, labour and expense to projects without proper planning.

We always recommend utilising a grab lorry to tackle your waste. To enquire about grab hire lorries anywhere in the country, feel free to get in touch now.

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