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Vehicle Hire Guides

Grab Hire

Grab hire can be an integral element of your project – providing superior lifting power for construction or repair work. Here at ND Brown we supply a wide range of grab hire vehicles in weightings from 7.5 tonne to 32 tonne, to suit any project size. Grab hire is available on varying project lengths, from a few weeks to open ended contracts. Take a look at our grab hire guide for more information about the specifications of our vehicles.

Hot Box

To give you the ultimate choice we offer both hot box hire and hot box sales dependant on your requirements. All of our hot box hire vehicles are maintained to the highest standards to ensure that any road repairs you undertake run smoothly. Our hot boxes come with features such as insulated containers, thermostatically controlled gas systems, twin chambers and towing equipment. We also offer full refurbishment of your existing vehicle as an alternative to hot box hire.

Hot Box Hire

We offer hot box hire throughout the country and regularly service London, Birmingham, Manchester, the Midlands, and Scotland. Our hot boxes range of 7.5 tonne, right through to our largest 26 tonne vehicles – covering all project sizes. Some of our hot box options include features developed to improve the efficiency and functionality and this includes side tippers and roadmender units attached. Wherever you’re located in the UK we’ll provide you with an exceptional standard of hot box hire.

Insulated Tipper Hire

Our insulated tipper range is vast and includes a wide range of tippers from 3.5 tonne tipper to 32 tonne tipper options. All of our insulated tippers are available for long and short term hire, view our insulated tipper hire guide for more information about the individual specifications of our insulated tippers.

Tipper Grab Hire

Tipper grab hire is available throughout the UK, from our depots in the Midlands, South, Ireland and Scotland. Tipper grabs offer the height of functionality combining the a powerful grab feature with a tipper body. We have 7.5 tonne, 26 tonne and 32 tonne tipper grabs available. Their heavy duty construction ensures that they can deal with any project regardless of its size. We also offer tipper grab sales, if you’re looking for a more permanent addition to your business.

Tipper Hire

Tippers are a staple of most construction, refurbishment or repair business – providing effective transportation solutions important to the smooth running of the project. Our tipper hire comes in a range of weightings, and the nature of hiring HGVs in this way means you can change between them dependant on your needs. We offer tipper hire for both short and long term contracts and can deliver and collect the vehicles to make planning and scheduling the elements of your project easier. Our tipper hire is available throughout the country and we regularly work with businesses in London, Birmingham, Manchester and the Midlands.

HGV Hire

Here at ND Brown we’re experts at providing an exceptional HGV hire service countrywide. Our HGV hire options include tippers, tipper grabs, hot boxes, 4x4s and cage tippers. Since our beginnings over three decades ago our HGV hire fleet has grown to around 450 vehicles which service the entire of the UK from Southampton to Scotland. All of our HGV hire vehicles are regularly maintained, and we pride ourselves on providing a service which you’ll return to time and time again. To find out more about our HGV hire take a look at our HGV hire guide.

HGV Hire London

If you’re looking for HGV Hire in London, ND Brown can help! We offer a comprehensive HGV hire and sales service which specialises in servicing the London area. We pride ourselves on the variety of our HGV hire which includes tipper grabs, hot boxes, tippers and cage tippers, from 7.5 tonne to 32 tonne models. We regularly supply our HGVs to the utility, civil engineering, municipal and highway maintenance sectors, for a range of purposes. If you would like to find out more about our HGV hire in London then please take a look at our guide, or get in touch.

Cage Tippers London

Cage tippers are the newest addition to our fleet and offer the benefits of our regular tippers, but with the extra functionality of a handy cage to ensure that the cargo is transported safely and efficiently. Cage tippers have become an increasingly popular addition to projects, also increasing the size of objects which can be transported. We regularly supply cage tippers to the London area, and can provide a delivery and collection service if this works best for you. If you would like to find out more about our cage tippers, then please get in touch.

Cage Tippers

Need a cage tipper for an upcoming project? Or for day to day use? Here at ND Brown we supply cage tippers on both short, long or open ended contracts. They’re an incredibly popular option for transporting large, or oddly shaped objects which are given extra support with the cage feature. We ensure that every vehicle you hire from us is maintained to the highest level, to provide you with cage tippers that deliver when you need them most.

HGV Hire Birmingham

Searching for high quality HGV hire in Birmingham? ND Brown supply a wide range Of HGVs in Birmingham including cage tippers, tipper hire, hot boxes and tipper grabs in weightings from 7.5 tonnes through to 32 tonnes. We’ve been in the HGV hire industry for over 30 years and so are experts in providing both exceptional vehicles and customer service. The utility, civil engineering, municipal and highway maintenance sectors all use our HGV hire in Birmingham, but we work with all industrial, commercial and domestic customers.

HGV Hire Midlands

ND Brown supply a wide range of HGV hire in the Midlands area. Located in Wolverhampton we have easy access to the Midlands and can offer fast and efficient vehicle hire for industrial, commercial and domestic customers. Our HGV hire in the Midlands includes, cage tippers, tipper grabs, tippers and hot boxes. We offer a handy drop off and collection service anywhere in the Midlands and have a wealth of experience with working to strict deadlines.

HGV Hire Scotland

Our hub in Scotland enables us to provide an extensive HGV Hire service in Scotland – which includes tippers, tipper grabs, hot boxes and cage tippers. We provide a wide range of sizes of vehicles from 3.5 tonne tippers to 32 tonne tipper grabs to suit all projects and purposes. Our HGV Hire in Scotland is incredibly versatile and you can hire our vehicles for short term periods, through to open ended contracts. View our HGV Hire Scotland page for more information.

HGV Hire Manchester

ND Brown have been providing HGV hire in Manchester for over 30 years and in this time have become experts at supplying a whole range of vehicles including tippers, tipper grabs, hot boxes and cage tippers. We can drop off and pick up our HGVs throughout the Manchester area, and offer competitive and affordable rates. If you would like more information about the types of HGV hire available then please follow the above link.