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Understanding the Different Types of Materials Suitable for Grab Hire


Whether you’re working on a small renovation or a large construction project, you may decide to arrange grab hire to dispose of waste. It’s no surprise that any kind of project or work produces a lot of waste in various types. Before you proceed, it’s important that you load your hired grab lorry with the right materials for effective waste management. Continue reading as we discuss the different types of materials suitable for grab hire. 

Demolition and Construction Waste

As you would expect, grab lorries are perfectly suitable for collecting demolition and construction waste. Examples include earth, topsoil, rubble, bricks and clean concrete. While grab hire accepts clean concrete, a small amount of tarmac can be included. However, there can not be any soil, wood or other type of waste or reinforcement bars mixed in.

If you’re hiring a grab lorry to dispose of demolition or construction waste, these materials tend to be heavy in weight. This is something to consider when deciding between a 26-tonne or 32-tonne grab lorry.

Recyclable Muck

Recyclable muck is another common type of material grab lorries collect. This refers to mixed soil, concrete and stone. These materials need to be separated properly – this is an essential step in the later processing stages. Any materials that are considered non-recyclable muck away can not be mixed in.

General Recyclable Waste

You can use grab hire to collect general recyclable waste, as long as it’s properly separated from other materials. If you’re undergoing a garden clearance or landscaping project, it may involve digging up a lot of soil which can be recycled. Garden waste such as leaves, trees, branches and hedge trimmings also falls under this category. Any organic waste needs to be clean and non-hazardous. If it is contaminated in any way, like a chemical spill, it can not be mixed with other general recyclable waste.

Other Non-Hazardous Materials

Aside from common materials, scrap metal, wood cuttings, timber, furniture, glass, tiles, plasterboard, plastic, insulation and paper may be acceptable for grab hire. Again, these materials often need to be separated from other types of waste for effective disposal. 

Landfill Waste

Not all materials in a renovation or construction project will be recyclable. Regular landfill waste will be produced or found on-site. For example, if you are working on the demolition of an old building, it is likely to find household waste or rubbish from previous tenants. In this case, landfill waste generally requires a separate collection. Inert landfill materials, for instance, clay, stone and chalk will also be accepted separately. 

Hire A Grab Lorry From ND Brown

Every grab hire company has their own regulations regarding which materials are suitable or not. Therefore, it’s vital to check with your grab hire company beforehand. Some materials may require a separate collection as we already mentioned as well as tarmac and turf. It’s crucial to keep in mind that any materials considered hazardous are not suitable for grab hire. Batteries, asbestos, paints, oils, tyres, gas containers and other toxic materials require an alternative disposal service. 

At ND Brown, we are one of the UK’s leading grab hire specialists and are trusted by many clients in the building and construction industry as well as the utility, civil engineering, municipal and highway maintenance sectors. We have a wide fleet of grab lorries to choose from, ranging from 7.2 and 18 tonnes to 26 and 32 tonnes. They are regularly maintained by our team and equipped with an Epsilon M125L classic crane to carry heavy materials with ease. For more information visit our FAQ’s page. If you’re interested in hiring one of our grab lorries, please contact us today. We will be happy to answer any of your questions or inform you about what materials we accept. 

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