4 Ways Grab Hire from ND Brown Can Make Your Life Easier


Here at ND Brown we specialise in providing commercial vehicle hire countrywide, with a huge fleet of hot boxes, tippers, tipper grabs and cage tippers. Some of our most popular vehicles are tipper grabs, and these are incredibly useful for a wide range of construction, road maintenance and civil engineering projects.

The Benefits of Grab Hire:

  1. Tipper grabs are configured much the same as a regular tipper but with addition of a crane mounted on the rear of the vehicle. This means you get the combined benefits of both a tipper and crane and makes it an incredibly versatile element of your fleet.
  2. The crane of the tipper grab is the most useful aspect of tipper grabs, this makes moving, lifting and carrying easy. The crane can transport cargo to and from the bed of the truck, removing the need for this to be completed manually.
  3. Grab hire gives you more control over where the cargo is unloaded and is more precise than just a simple tipper function.
  4. We provide a delivery and collection service throughout the country on our grab hire, making the process as easy and time efficient for you as possible.

Contact us for Grab Hire:

Our grab hire is available throughout the country and we offer a wide selection of contract lengths from short term to open ended to ensure that there’s a hire option to suit your requirements. If you would like to find out more about our grab hire then please get in touch with a member of our expert team who can answer any questions you may have.