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Debunking Common Myths About Grab Hire In London


When we hear the word ‘hire’, most people think of strict contracts, expensive costs, hidden charges, but that is not always the case. Similar to car hire, grab hire involves renting out a tipper grab vehicle for industrial use. As a grab hire specialist in London, we often heard myths and misconceptions that need clarification. In this article, we debunk some of those common and misunderstood myths about grab hire.

Myth 1: Grab Hire Is Expensive

It’s long been believed that grab hire is expensive but this is not true. In fact, tipper grab hire is more cost-effective than purchasing a tipper grab outright as well as other waste removal options. Additionally, you do not have to pay for maintenance costs or sell the vehicle once it is no longer needed. The rental costs depend on the size or type of tipper grab you choose, your location and how long you need the vehicle for and so on. Additionally, you do not need a street permit for hiring a tipper grab, whereas you do need one for a skip, which will further reduce costs.

Myth 2: Grab Hire is Bad For The Environment 

It’s true that all vehicles are technically bad for the environment, but with grab hire, the use of the vehicle is temporary, instead of purchasing the vehicle and committing to using it long term. If you only need a tipper grab for one project, grab hire is far more eco-friendly than purchasing one especially for the job. Tipper grabs used for hiring purposes are constantly reused by many different companies, but still remain reliable and high-quality, meaning less tipper grabs need to be manufactured, reducing the carbon footprint of both companies and manufacturing factories.

With the introduction of electric vehicles and subsequently the introduction of electric tipper grabs in their fleets, grab hire has become even more eco-friendly. For instance, here at ND Brown, we have introduced new electric vehicles into our fleet, reducing the amount of emissions being released into the environment. 

Myth 3: Grab Vehicles Are Complicated To Drive

Small tipper grabs are similar to private vans, so they will feel less complicated or difficult to drive. Some of the main differences between driving a private car or van and a tipper grab is the features and vehicle size. The length, width and height of a tipper grab is larger than a private car or van, so extra caution must be taken when driving through tight bends, roundabouts, junctions and during parking and overtaking. If you need some assistance with vehicle controls or driving, we are here to assist you.

Myth 4: You Have To Collect And Drop off the Vehicle Yourself

Many people believe when using a grab hire service, the vehicle must be collected and dropped off by themselves. While we can’t speak for all grab hire companies, here at ND Brown, we offer a fast drop-off and pick up service to all of our clients, no matter where they are located in the country. We have depot facilities situated across the country including Kent for grab hire around London. This allows you to save time and invest it into more important aspects of your project.

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We hope this article has cleared up the above myths and misconceptions. If you are interested in grab hire in London, we have a wide fleet available for hire, from our smallest 7.2 tonne GVW tipper grabber to our largest 32 tonne GVW tipper grabber. We also offer hotbox hire, tipper hire and municipal vehicle hire to facilitate other industries such as utility, civil engineering, municipal and highway maintenance. For any enquiries, please contact us today. 

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