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Four Ways ND Brown’s Municipal HGV Hire Can Help You


Here at ND Brown, our team have years of experience providing clients nationwide with the highest quality municipal HGV hire contracts. From road sweepers to street lighting vehicles, we are constantly striving to add to our fleet of over 550 vehicles. In order to get to grips with our municipal vehicle range, we’ll be spending this blog post discussing how ND Brown’s Municipal HGV Hire can help you.

Highway Maintenance

Our fleet of municipal vehicles contains a wide variety of HGVs to help with highway maintenance. Our team at ND Brown fully understands the importance of keeping our roads clear and safe for their users. As a result, we’ve built a range of gully emptiers and road sweepers available on short and long term hire contracts. Our gully emptiers are fitted with state of the art features, making them perfect for clearing out stubborn drain blockages and excess liquid. Our road sweepers are also vital tools in keeping roads in use, thanks to their ability to keep the road clear of dirt and debris.

In addition to our road clearing vehicles, we can also offer vehicles capable of other road maintenance. From street lighting vehicles to pole erection units, you’re bound to find the right HGV for your project. When operating your site, it’s also important to provide the right facilities for your staff. Our welfare vans are perfect for this, providing a team of up to 7 workers with everything they need, from a toilet to a kitchen appliances.

Traffic Management

Our extensive range of Traffic Management vehicles can assist you with a variety of tasks. For example, our 3.5 Tonne GVW Traffic Management Vehicle is adept at keeping busy roads controlled thanks to a rear-mounted LP13 light arrow and rear strobes for maximum visibility. Alternatively, if you’re looking to be able to load vehicles for transportation elsewhere, our 7.5 tonne GVW Beavertail may be of use.

Again, all of these vehicles are available for short or long term contracts with full flexibility. Therefore, whether you’re looking to hire for a week, month or on an open ended contract, we can help.

Waste Management

Moving away from highway maintenance, we also provide a variety of waste management vehicles. Featuring telescopic loader arms that can work independently or synchronised, our 18 Tonne GVW Skip Loader is perfect for transporting large amounts of waste.

If you’re looking for something that can handle even more, we also have a 32 Tonne GVW Hook Loader available for short and long term hires. Jam-packed with features, this vehicle also has a telescopic loader arm, skid grabs to load bed and can be fully controlled from within the cab.


Whether you need it for transport, towing or any other purposes, our 4×4 pickup vehicles are a versatile addition to any site. With both double and single cab options available, an amber rotating beacon and towing equipment available, you’ll be prepared for most eventualities.

Our 4×4 vehicles are also available on a variety of short and long term contract options.

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If you’re interested in any of our municipal vehicles, please contact us. Our experienced and friendly team will be happy to assist you with any queries that you may have. Alternatively, if you’re ready to make a booking or speak to someone regarding a quote, you can fill in our online booking request form.

Having gained decades of experience supplying local authorities throughout the UK, our team is well equipped to find the right vehicles for your needs. All of our vehicles are regularly inspected and serviced by our fleet maintenance team. This ensures that they are safe for usage in highly populated areas and working at their optimum performance levels. Our experience has also taught us that no two jobs are the same, and as a result we offer maximum flexibility in our hire options. Whether you’re looking to hire for a week, month, year or even on an open ended contract, we can help.

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