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Grasping the Green: Sustainable Solutions for Construction Cleanup


There are certain industries which are known for having a huge impact on the environment. One of those industries is the construction and building sector. According to studies, this sector is said to be responsible for up to 50% of climate change. Furthermore, the construction and building sector generates 62% of the UK’s waste with 13% of all waste going straight to landfill. While these figures are surprisingly high, there are some ways construction companies can be more sustainable in their operations. In this article, we will look at three different sustainable solutions for construction clean-up. 

1) Recycling & Waste Management

Although the UK is aiming to reduce the amount of waste, some construction waste is non-recyclable such as paints, solvents, hazardous items and some plastics. However, there are various materials which can be recycled or repurposed – wood, glass, metal, aggregates and bricks/masonry. Implementing a recycling and waste management system instead of transporting all waste to the landfill is one of the most effective ways of being more sustainable. A waste management system can differ from company to company, but recycling or repurposing waste wherever possible will help decrease the amount of waste going directly to the landfill.  

2) Employee Training

Another solution is to develop training programs or workshops for employees on sustainable practices. For instance, being mindful about waste reduction and water consumption as well as being more energy-efficient by turning off lights, machinery and equipment when not in use. This can encourage construction workers to act more environmentally-conscious during clean-up duties. 

3) Reduce Carbon Emissions

You may already know that the UK government has set targets to reduce its carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050. A great way for construction companies to reduce work-related carbon emissions is by hiring electric or hybrid vehicles for site clean-up. These vehicles are designed to release low to zero emissions, compared to petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. Additionally, hiring is a more sustainable solution than purchasing these vehicles because it reduces the number of company-owned vehicles on the road. 

Hire Electric Vehicles From ND Brown

Here at ND Brown, we believe implementing more sustainable practices can benefit any type of industry or sector. As a commercial vehicle hiring specialist, our industry also tends to have a negative impact on the environment. To counteract our impact, we continue to operate as a certified carbon neutral organisation by supporting global carbon-saving projects. 

Additionally, as part of our wide fleet of HGV vehicles available for hire, we also offer a selection of fully electric commercial vehicles including our Renault Master E-Tech tipper truck which releases zero emissions and is ideal for site clearance or spoil removal. If you are interested in short or long-term hire or have any questions about our electric vehicles, please contact us today. 

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