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HGV Hire From ND Brown

HGV hire is made easy and efficient with N D Brown, and we’re proud to provide the nation with reliable HGV’s available in different shapes and sizes. Our team of experts hire out a number of HGV’s for both short and long term periods, with a varied range of features available in each type.

For over 30 years, we at N D Brown have been supplying HGV’s to the utility, civil engineering, municipal and highway maintenance sectors, offering a number of vehicles to cover every purpose. We cover the entire UK, and have depots situated conveniently to ensure that we can always supply the required HGV to customers no matter the location.

Read on to find out more about the list of HGV’s we have available for hire nationwide.

HGV Hire

Hot Box HGV Hire

Out of our broad selection of HGV’s for hire, Asphalt Hot Boxes are a popular choice.

Asphalt Hot Boxes are available to hire in a number of size capacities, acting as a HGV for maintaining the temperature of asphalt. With our insulated HGV’s you can complete your road repair without the worry of losing the desired temperature of your chosen material.

Our Hot Box HGV sizes are: 7.5 tonne, 12 tonne, 18 tonne, 18 tonne with side tipper, 18 tonne Roadmender and 26 tonne.

Hot Box Hire

Tipper HGV Hire

HGV Hire Tippers come equipped with the necessary towing equipment, and we offer a range of sizes and types from side tipping to rear tipping, allowing you to choose the HGV that will be more suitable for the job ahead.

This type of reliable heavy goods vehicle has a tipper body on its rear which can prove advantageous when needing to complete construction projects quickly, efficiently and safely.

The HGV Tipper sizes we have available are 3.5 tonne, 7.5 tonne, 18 tonne, 18 tonne with cover, 26 tonne and 32 tonne.

Tipper Hire

Tipper Grab Hire

Our tipper grabs have the added benefit of a grabber, and should be chosen when the HGV job requires a grabber for lifting the heavy goods in or out of the tipper. We have these available for HGV hire in 7.5 tonne, 25 tonne and 32 tonne, so no job is too small or large!

Tipper Grab Hire

Cage Tipper HGV Hire

We also offer a HGV Cage Tipper with sliding access doors and steps, an end tipper and full-height rear doors.

The difference with this type of tipper is that it has an open cage on the back that can tilt up and down with a powerful hydraulic system. This feature is brilliant for loading materials and waste onto the cage when it’s flat while keeping it secure in the cage before offloading it.

The HGV Cage Tipper size we have available is the 7.5 tonne size.

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Why Choose N D Brown for HGV Hire?

The N D Brown team has been providing our clients with specialised vehicle hire and sales services for over 40 years, and we’re proud of our varied product offering. Not only have we grown considerably, our knowledge continues to become more advanced every day, and our vehicles available for hire are more smart, efficient and innovative than ever before.

Our efforts have always been focused on customer satisfaction, as well as supplying the utility, civil engineering, municipal and highway maintenance sectors with high-quality modern vehicles, new and used!

We dedicate ourselves to our customers throughout the entire customer journey, and our experienced sales specialists are ready to guide you through the process whatever your needs. We’d be happy to hear your requirements as we have an expert team who can advise you on the best options for your specialist vehicle hire.

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To learn more about HGV hire from us across the UK, contact us today. Our friendly and customer-service-focused team are ready to help you decide on which piece of HGV machinery is right for you, your construction site needs and overall project requirements.

We’ve worked hard over the years to gain the innovative and leading industry knowledge we have, and we’re proud of the HGV hire expertise we can share with you today. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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