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How Could Our Vehicles Be Useful in an Emergency?


N.D Brown’s vehicles are commonly used as part of civil or engineering projects, where they are used to aid in construction or cleaning up following construction. However, in an emergency – such as emergency flooding – our vehicles could be extremely useful in helping to clean up debris and help save people’s lives.

3.5 Tonne GVW Traffic Management Vehicle

Our range of Traffic Management Vehicles has traditionally been used to direct traffic during road repair. In a situation where emergency services are forced to manage traffic by hand, though, traffic management vehicles are an absolutely necessity. 

Not only does our range of traffic management vehicles come with everything required to physically manage the flow of traffic, it contains these things in a structure which allows the conductor to be safe and isolated from the flow of traffic. 

Tipper Grabber 

Tipper grabbers are very useful for removing debris and other intrusive materials from the road. This enables other emergency vehicles to pass through the road and arrive at the cause of the emergency quicker. 

4×4 Pickup Trucks 

4×4 Pickup Trucks, like those offered by N.D Brown, are some of the most adaptable vehicles on the market today, comfortable on both the road and the wild forest. This makes them extremely useful during situations such as floods, where the terrain is difficult and unpredictable. 

At the same time, N.D Brown’s fleet of 4×4 vehicles is extremely adaptable, capable of carrying both equipment and people (in the crew cab) with ease. 

That means that 4x4s are just as effective at both ferrying people from one place to another as they are moving equipment. This is a characteristic that very few other vehicles can boast, especially considering a 4x4s ability to navigate difficult terrain. As a result, 4×4 pickup trucks are absolutely crucial during an emergency. 

3.5 Tonne GVW Welfare Van

GVW Welfare vans can be used as both a mobile command from which relief can be coordinated and the injured can be treated. This has the benefit of allowing for quicker, more adaptive relief and for people to be treated for minor injuries without tying up ambulances or paramedics. 

12 Tonne GVW Pole Erection Unit

Pole Erection Vehicles are useful during emergencies as they can be used to replace fallen electrical and telephone poles. This ensures a return to normal sooner rather than later, and it also aids other emergency services. 

HGV Hire From N.D Brown

To learn about tipper hire from N.D Brown, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. Our fleet includes over 450 vehicles, and we have provided vehicles for jobs in both the private and public sectors. As indicated, our fleet includes cage tippers, 4×4 vehicles, traffic management vehicles and more. 

We offer grab lorries, truck hire, and skip hire. Our commercial vehicles are available for short-term and long-term hire. 

Contact N.D Brown today to learn more about HGV hire and grab hire in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and the rest of the United Kingdom. 

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