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What materials can be added to grab hire lorries?


The average UK household gets rid of tonnes of waste every year, with only a fraction being properly recycled. When working on a larger project, construction or demolition, you will create a lot of waste that can only be dealt with properly using grab hire lorries from ND Brown.

For this blog, we will tell you all the materials a grab lorry can handle.

Grab hire lorries are so adaptable!

Demolition concrete – One of the most common uses of grab lorries is taking away demolished building materials. While some builders will look at reusing some materials, someone will need to haul heavy material away.

Clean concrete and rubble can be taken away, which includes concrete blocks, paving slabs, broken concrete and rubble (including bricks).

When accepting clean concrete, it is okay to include a small amount of tarmac, however, there cannot be any soil, wood or any other kind of waste or reinforcements bars mixed.

Recyclable muck and muck away – Recyclable muck is another type of material these lorries can accept, such as mixed soil, concrete and stone. Please note, that these need to be separated carefully and you cannot add materials that are considered muck away.

Turf or tarmac is not as easily accepted and you will need to check with your grab hire provider first.

Inert landfill materials like clay, stone and chalk will be accepted separately but they cannot be mixed with inert landfill muck. Inert landfills cannot contain green waste, tarmac or any kind of turf.

Careful separation is vital in order for this material to be processed properly. If your waste consists of tarmac only, you could consider a separate collection for this material.

General recyclable waste – Recyclable waste can be given to your grab lorry collector as long as it is carefully separated. If you are undertaking a major project where you are digging up and getting rid of lots of earth and soil – this can be recycled. Topsoil and hardcore are some other materials that fall into this category.

It is possible to recycle waste from gardens or from trees and if you are moving a lot of landscape it can be added to your recyclable waste.

You will need to ensure the soil and organic material are clean and non-hazardous. If it has been contaminated in any way, it could be too volatile to mix with recyclable waste.

Landfill waste – Regular waste is always created on construction projects and will require a separate collection truck. This includes general rubbish and trash accumulated by workers and generally on-site. For example, if you are demolishing an old building, it could be filled with rubbish from previous tenants.

We recommend speaking to us in advance if you have hazardous waste just to check we can accept it.

What materials can’t be removed?

There are a number of different types of waste that need special services to get rid of. While you may think they can be put into landfills, the elements are simply too toxic to bury.

Batteries are one of the most common products which can be hard to get rid of. Whether it is AA batteries, laptop batteries or car batteries; they can be hard to destroy as their elements need to be carefully separated and recycled by professionals.

Asbestos also requires careful management as just a little bit of this material in your lungs can cause serious issues. Asbestos has legal ramifications if it is not recycled properly.

Paints and oils may be the most well-known harmful substance, but they do need to be disposed of carefully. Simply tipping them down the drain can cause irreparable damage to your water supply.

Getting rid of tyres can be challenging; whether you are getting rid of auto tyres or those used for industrial vehicles. It could take more than a grab lorry to get rid of them; but if you consult we will be able to advise you on where to go.

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