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Saving Money with Waste Disposal Using Grab Lorries


Whether you are looking to dispose of general household or industrial waste such as bricks and concrete, grab lorries are an efficient and cost-effective method of waste disposal. They can effectively transport large amounts of waste, which can save you valuable time, energy and cost, this is done by reducing the amount of trips you need to make to remove it all. If you are looking for more eco-friendly waste disposal, grab lorries are a fantastic option to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Read the article below to discover why a grab hire may be the perfect solution to your waste disposal.


There are a variety of ways that using a grab lorry can save you some money. Traditional skip hire can cost you a lot in extra fees, particularly if you need more than one skip or need to make numerous trips because the skip is too small for the amount of waste produced. A grab lorry can remove all of the waste in one trip. It also saves on manual labour costs, particularly if you have a team loading a skip by hand. 

These vehicles can help you reduce the physical effort of manual labour. Additionally, the fixed or hydraulic arm allows the machine to do all of the work collecting waste from difficult areas, such as on a slope or hill. Either way, you’ll be allowed a lot more time and energy to focus on the job at hand rather than losing precious hours to sorting the waste. By keeping on top of waste management you can keep a much cleaner and more productive working site.


While saving yourself some money by using a grab lorry you can also save on valuable time. Our grab lorries are fitted with either a fixed or hydraulic arm to collect the waste ready for transport, which is much quicker than manually loading waste. However, it is important that you choose the right size grab hire for the job – by opting for a smaller grab hire than the work requires, you could be losing out on time by having to make more trips to remove all the waste. Selecting the right size for your job ensures the grab hire’s efficiency. Plus, grab hire has a much larger capacity for waste materials than traditional skips, while tending to be the cheaper option. This makes it a more cost-effective choice if you are handling large amounts of waste.


Grab lorry hires can be the more eco-friendly option due to the easy sorting of waste, which ensures that all materials that can be recycled are disposed of correctly. This effective disposal of waste means fewer materials will end up in a landfill site – grab hire will not only save you money and time, but it is also an eco-conscious waste management choice. 

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