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Should I Buy A Used Hire Vehicle?


When choosing to purchase a used hire vehicle, there are a few things you need to take into account, such as having the financial means of running it and maintaining it. Buying used hire vehicles is quite a debatable subject. Most businesses choose to hire vehicles for many reasons but other businesses may prefer to purchase them. Some people may argue most hired vehicles have high mileage or are sold in poor condition. 

If you’re considering buying a used hire vehicle, there are many advantages to buying a used HGV vehicle from ND Brown. In this article, we’ll discuss the 5 main advantages and explain why you should consider buying one of our used hire vehicles.

1) Save Money

One of the main reasons why businesses choose to purchase a used hire vehicle is for the great opportunity to save money. Most hiring companies sell their hire vehicles to make room for more vehicles and to upgrade their fleet. You can save a substantial amount of money by purchasing a used hire vehicle, instead of buying a brand-new vehicle from a manufacturer. 

2) Ownership

Once you purchase the hire vehicle, you gain an asset and ownership of the vehicle. This will give you more freedom and flexibility for your goals, whether that is to travel as many miles as you need to or invest in new parts. You are also not tied down to a long-term hiring contract as it requires a one-time payment. 

3) Excellent Condition

As we already mentioned, some people may argue that used hire vehicles have high mileage or are in poor condition so they’re not worth your money. Unfortunately, this can happen in some cases. In saying that, we always recommend you inspect the hire vehicle fully before purchasing it. As an HGV hire specialist, our whole fleet of hire vehicles are in excellent condition, regardless of being hired or purchased. In some cases, our hire vehicles are hardly used (partially new!) or have amazingly low mileage.

4) Latest Models 

Aside from being in excellent condition, most used hire vehicles are still relatively modern. In general, hiring companies invest in the best and latest vehicle models. This means by purchasing a used hire vehicle from a hiring company, you received a high-quality vehicle with the latest technology. At ND Brown, our fleet of HGV vehicles available to purchase are equipped with the latest technology. From insulated tippers to hot box vehicles, we have a variety of vehicles equipped with the right features for your business or line of work in the utility, civil engineering, municipal or highway maintenance sectors.

5) Reliability

When it comes to purchasing a hire HGV vehicle, there is no better place than purchasing it from a hiring company directly. Most hiring companies are reliable sellers as they have used those hire vehicles for their own business purposes. At ND Brown, our hire vehicles for sale are also reliable, thoroughly checked and serviced by our specialised team before it leaves our site with their new owner.

HGV Vehicles For Sale At ND Brown

If you’re convinced or still considering buying a used hire vehicle after reading this article, you can browse our fleet of HGV vehicles available to purchase on our sales page. If you don’t see the vehicle you are looking for, stay updated with the latest HGV vehicles for sale on our Facebook page. Otherwise, we also offer short-term or long-term hiring contracts on our wide range of HGV vehicles for hire. For any enquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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