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The Importance of Being Carbon-Neutral for Vehicle Hire


In recent years, many UK companies have taken significant steps towards addressing global climate changes. Reducing carbon emissions has become a focal point in various sectors, including transport and vehicle hire. Many vehicle hiring companies have already taken steps towards or have become carbon-neutral. In this article, we will discuss the importance of being carbon-neutral in the vehicle hire sector. 

Environmental Responsibility

Firstly, the forefront of carbon neutrality in the vehicle hire sector is the need to uphold environmental responsibility. The transport sector, especially vehicle hire, plays a substantial role in the overall carbon footprint. According to research, the UK transport sector accounted for 34% of all territorial carbon dioxide emissions in 2022, making it one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions. By becoming carbon-neutral, vehicle hiring companies show commitment to reducing their impact on the environment. 

Reduce Climate Change

Climate change is a global threat, and every sector must do its part in reducing the effects. Carbon neutrality in the vehicle hire sector can significantly make a difference. By reducing the emissions associated with their vehicles, these companies help in lowering the carbon footprint of the transport sector. This, in turn, helps the UK in meeting its climate targets, such as the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. 

Better Air Quality & Public Health

It’s not just about climate change, being carbon-neutral in the vehicle hire sector also has immediate impacts on air quality and public health. Many urban areas in the UK struggle with air pollution, largely driven by emissions from vehicles. Transport-related air pollution can lead to serious health problems including cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Eco-friendly vehicles including hybrid and fully electric options, are designed to release significantly fewer pollutants, improving air quality and reducing health problems. 

Customer Demand

In recent times, customers have become increasingly environmentally-conscious. They prefer to purchase products and services which align with their personal values. Eco-friendly vehicles cater to this demand, giving vehicle hiring companies a competitive edge in the market. By offering hybrid and electric vehicles for hire, these companies can tap in the growing market of eco-conscious customers. 

We’re a Carbon Neutral Organisation 

While vehicle hire already reduces the number of privately-owned vehicles on our roads, becoming carbon-neutral is the next step towards a brighter and more healthy future. Here at ND Brown, we’re proud to be a certified Carbon Neutral organisation. To achieve this, we stay committed to sustainability and we support worldwide projects such as the RMDLT Portel-Pará REDD Project and the Kenya Reforestation Project, with the help of Carbon Footprint to balance out the emissions we produce as a leading vehicle hiring company.

Additionally, we introduced 100% fully electric vehicles into our ever-growing fleet earlier this year. If you’re interested in hiring one of our electric vehicles, please call us on 0190 279 1991, or submit an online enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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