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What are Gully Emptiers are used for?


Street cleaning is an important operation to help avoid blockages in drainage systems best achieved using gully emptiers from N.D Brown.

Leaves, litter and debris can build up quickly and we have short and long term hire solutions that will clear the rubbish and avoid damage and disruption from potential flooding.

When temperatures increase in the UK there is often a period of storms, with excessive bursts of rainfall which causes flashing and surface water. To avoid these issues, gully emptiers and road sweepers can be used to clean the streets.

How Gully Emptiers are maintained

In accordance with a written scheme of maintenance drawn up by a competent person, the tanks will be inspected annually. A competent person will then conduct the inspection with all tasks documented in a technical file that will accompany the vehicle when it is sold.

Regular checks can be undertaken with water and vacuum filters needing a daily inspection. Pressure release valves should be looked at weekly to ensure they are moving freely. Lubricant levels can be checked at the same time plus the level in the jetting pump and the door seal faces can be cleaned.

If the filters aren’t checked and cleaned daily they tend to create a lack of vacuum which causes the equipment to underperform.

18T GVW MVC Gully Emptier explained

The 18-tonne gully emptier is available to hire from ND Brown. Fitted with the latest high-powered jetting equipment and can blast stubborn drain blockages before extracting liquid and debris into its 1000 gallon vacuum compartment.

Its powerful cleaning capabilities are combined with the state of the art safety equipment that keeps operatives, other road users and pedestrians safe.

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