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3 Things To Consider Before Tipper Hire


Tipper trucks, also known as dump trucks, are an invaluable resource in numerous industrial situations – including construction and waste management. However, before you sign that renter’s agreement, there are a few key things you should consider. 

In this article,  we’ll be going through some of these key things. Our goal is to give you as much information as possible, so that you can make a smart, informed decision before choosing to rent from a particular company. 

Know The Size You Need 

No doubt the first thing you should consider before signing a rental agreement is the size of the project that you’re going to be undertaking – meaning  how much material you need to move. It’s important to get a big enough truck so that you can attend to your task quickly and efficiently. 

However, you also want to make sure that you don’t get a tipper truck too large for your needs – as these will be more expensive, and you may find yourself having rented a vehicle that is ill suited to the terrain you’re working in. Such an eventuality can cause real problems, depending on the size of your work site. 

At ND Brown, we carry a wide range of Tipper Hire Trucks in our fleet. This means that we can provide you with the specific size tipper that you need. Visit our tipper hire page today to browse some of our trucks and find the one that suits your needs. 


Another thing you might want to consider is whether the company you’re planning on renting from is compliant with relevant health and safety legislation and green initiatives. This is particularly important because, as a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the health and safety of yourself and your employees, and the quickest way of doing that is by making sure that they are completely compliant with existing health and safety frameworks. 

At ND Brown, we are accredited and compliant with a wide number of health and safety frameworks – including the ISO 14001 and the ISO 9001 – and we are members of the UVDB. As a result, when considering tipper hire from ND Brown, you can be assured that our vehicles have been made as self as possible and that every effort has been made to make you and your staff as safe as possible. 

As well as Health and Safety Compliance, ND Brown has also sought to comply with environmental recommendations. For our efforts at minimising and managing our carbon footprint, we have been declared a Carbon Neutral Organisation. 

Consider The Insurance

The next thing you should consider when considering tipper hire is the insurance situation. While some rental organisations will offer their own insurance to renters, the vast majority of organisations will require the renter to take out their own fully-comprehensive policy for the duration of the rental.

The reason for this is simple. Car insurance is designed to cover you, not the vehicle – with all the relevant variables therein. This means that the cost to cover you could be much more or less than it costs to cover someone else. 

Furthermore, because it’s possible that you don’t have an existing relationship with your rental company’s insurance company, it may take longer and cost more to set up an insurance policy with them than it does with a company you already have a relationship with. As such, having the renter take out the policy themselves allows the renter to save money and complete the process much quicker than they would have otherwise. 

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