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Improve Your Work Environment With a GVW Welfare Van


If you’re running a building site, an outdoor event, or have been hired to do highway maintenance, hiring an ND Brown 3.5T GVW Welfare Van is a fantastic idea. 

If you’ve never heard the term before, it’s important to understand what welfare vehicles are. Simply put, they are vehicles which have been modified to serve as a mobile hub at a work site. This could be a construction site, an outdoor event such as a fireworks show, a road repair job, or any job in an area where amenities and services are not easily accessible.

In this article by ND Brown, we’re going to go through some of the reasons why hiring a GVW  Welfare Van for your work site would be a very smart idea.  


ND Brown Welfare Van

ND Brown’s GVW Welfare Van

A Mobile Office 

The first reason, and perhaps the most important, is that the GVW Welfare Van enables you to have a mobile office in a small, yet manageable space. This allows your foreman and manager to do administrative tasks on site, without having to resort to renting a large and non-cost effective portacabin – which your work area may not be able to support. 

Furthermore, because vehicles such as the GVW are much more insulated than traditional portacabins, Welfare Vans are normally much warmer in winter – and you don’t have to resort to renting a portable heater. 

And, because Welfare Vans are portable, you can move your mobile office as you need and your project evolves. This means that you can keep a close eye on things as they develop and stay involved in the project throughout. 

Health and Safety 

The next reason why you should consider hiring a GVW Welfare Van is because having one on site offers numerous health and safety benefits to you and your colleagues. Every ND Brown Welfare Van comes with a full First Aid Kit, designed to service up to 8 people – which could very well mean the difference between life and  death on a busy work site. 

However, that’s not the only health and safety advantage because the GVW Welfare Van comes with a 2KW heater. This provides your colleagues with a place to go during lunch times and breaks when the weather is not conducive to eating or waiting outside – for example during the winter months. This shelter is very important as it lowers the risk of catching a cold or other productivity-hindering illnesses, and helps to keep morale up during grim months. 


The final set of advantages that come with hiring a welfare van are the amenities it offers. As well as providing a mobile workspace and numerous health and safety benefits, a welfare vehicle offers several small perks which could dramatically improve your work day. 

Chief amongst these is (of course) the kettle, which your grateful colleagues (and you) will use during the winter to keep you supplied with brews! At the same time, the GVW comes with a fully-working microwave, which your colleagues can use to cook warm food. Research has shown us that warm food is more filling than cold food – which means that your colleagues will have more energy after lunch and be more productive. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the GVW comes with a full-working toilet – meaning that you don’t have to rent a portaloo. 

Welfare Van Hire From ND Brown

As you can see, hiring a GVW Welfare Van from ND Brown can greatly elevate your work site. The fact that it allows you to do administrative work on site, offers numerous health and safety benefits, and has a set of key amenities should make GVW Welfare Van a very attractive option for any foreman. 

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