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Why cage tippers are best to remove bulky waste


If you are looking for the quickest way to remove all kinds of bulky waste, cage tippers from ND Brown could be the best solution for you.

For this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about our caged tipper trucks plus why you need to hire one for your next project.

Cage tippers explained

You may have seen a caged tipper from ND Brown out on the road without realising it. Because of our careful positioned depots in Wolverhampton, Devon, Kent, Plean in Scotland we are able to offer our hire services right across the country.

Caged tipper trucks look quite similar to pickup trucks, but with one key difference; caged tippers have an open cage on the back that can be tilted up and down with a powerful hydraulic system. When laying flat, waste can be loaded in and held in place securely using the cage. When tipped up, the waste can be emptied easily from the opening in the cage.

A caged tipper stores plenty more waste than a van or pickup truck, even if the waste is considered uneven, cumbersome or difficult to transport by any other method.

Why should I use a caged tipper?

Choosing a caged tipper hire truck gives you a number of advantages over other kinds of waste disposal.

They can be loaded quickly, all the way up until full capacity with the cage keeping bulky and uneven loads safely stored in transit, meaning fast load-in times without the need to seperate or secure the waste.

Just like any other vehicle, caged tippers can be parked on a driveway or at the curbside without the need for permits plus any obstructions caused are limited to a short time window.

For projects with limited access where you can’t get a regular skip, caged tippers are ideal. They work well for jobs where overnight or weekend security would be compromised by having a skip on-site. In this case, your waste is taken away immediately, leaving you with nothing to secure.

Hiring a caged tipper from ND Brown is the best waste disposal option for companies looking for a quick, cost-effective and simple waste disposal.

What can be added to a caged tipper?

Our caged tipper trucks can carry up to 7.5 tonnes, making them a flexible option for the clearance of all different kinds of waste. They can handle large projects such as commercial waste collection or bulky waste collection – or even just a bulkier rubbish clearance from a smaller project.

Our trucks are equipped with a lightweight tipper body with a full cage tipper, double drop sides, access steps and grab handles plus a tow bar with electrics and sliding side access doors.

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