Using HGV Hire for Manhole Repairs


Manholes are a crucial part of any drainage system, with their access points allowing drainage engineers to inspect and survey underground utility infrastructure and perform essential repairs and cleaning work.

The installation and maintenance of manholes are important when keeping domestic and commercial drains in perfect working order.

For this blog, we will tell you how HGV hire trucks can assist with manhole repairs and replacements.

When do manholes need repairing or replaced?

Here are some common reasons manholes may need repairing or to be replaced –

  • Old age
  • Broken or rusty covers or frames that cause a health and safety hazard
  • Subsidence, which may have caused benching to crack and break, causing blockages
  • Sunken or buried manholes
  • No longer complies with safety regulations and standards

In the first instance, a manhole cover inspection will be able to identify problems before they become major issues. This can be a visual inspection or with the use of CCTV equipment.

Cover and frame replacements

If your manhole cover is noisy, broken or missing, engineers will be able to carry out manhole cover and frame replacements.

Missing or damaged manhole covers are a serious issue, as injury can happen if someone falls into a manhole chamber. Safety barriers will need assembling and a thorough examination of the surrounding frame and groundwork conducted to make sure the new manhole cover sits securely and lasts.

How can HGV hire trucks assist?

ND Brown’s range of HGV hire trucks is extremely handy for transporting replacement asphalt for repairing or replacing manhole covers. Our vast range of hot box hire trucks can hold up to 26 tonnes of material with the bonus of being able to store large quantities for up to two days without fear of running out of warm material, ready to be laid.

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