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Could a 4×4 make all the difference to your project?


Any experienced site manager or tradesperson will tell you that every job needs the right tool. It’s not necessarily the tool that was manufactured to do that job. Nor is it necessarily the tool you’d expect. But when you find the right tool you’ll know it. And it’s here where the N.D Brown’s fleet of 4×4 pickup trucks steps in. 

A 4×4 truck can be an integral part of any small to medium-sized construction project, and will likely find itself becoming an integral part of even larger projects. In this latest article from N.D Brown – the leading industrial vehicle hire company in the UK – we’ll be going over the areas where having a 4×4 in your toolbox could be extremely useful. 

You Need Material Moving (But You Need To Get Into a Tight Space)

The first (and perhaps most noticeable) situation where the 4×4 makes itself shine is in transportation. The humble 4×4 truck can outperform most other vehicles designed for loading and unloading material in one specific sense: 4x4s are far more manoeuvrable than any other vehicle which is normally tasked with moving equipment and material. 

Practically, this means that a 4×4 vehicle can bring materials and equipment to locations that a truck or van can’t reach. This makes them ideal for remote construction projects, particularly construction projects which aren’t served by a road. It also means that they can be used in situations where the existing road system has been damaged, for example after flooding it’s very common for roads to become impassible for most vehicles. A 4×4 truck, however, would be able to go off-road and make its own route. 

You Need Material Moving (And Need Access To Your Materials)

The next area where a 4×4 shines is where you need to move material and components across locations but know you won’t have a lot of room to manoeuvre. For example, if you are helping to bring construction equipment to an urban area where there is little parking, you will most likely find that parking is at a premium. 

As a result, not only do you need need a vehicle small enough to fit in the city, but you’ll also need a vehicle that you can have easy enough access to – which a 4×4 vehicle has. 

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