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What is a Tipper and Why Would You Hire One?


Of all the vehicles and tools involved in construction, a tipper hire is one of the most fundamental to the success of the project. This is because a tipper moves aggregate, soil, crushed rock, and other fundamental building materials to and from a building site – where they can be used or discarded as necessary. 

It is not possible to use any other vehicle to move these materials. The reason for this is twofold: 

  1. The weight associated with these materials necessitates a vehicle that can carry that amount of weight. 
  2. Removing this material from the vehicle without using a tipper would take considerable time – time which costs money and time which could be spent on more productive means. 

As a result of these two facts, tipper trucks really are the best options for moving vast amounts of materials. 

How Are Tippers Built?

Because of this specific use case, tippers must be modified from existing vehicles (or manufactured to specifications) in order to carry the considerable weight of their loads.

These modifications take several forms. The first is that the bay of the tipper must be modified in order to hold the amounts of material. At the same time, the undercarriage of the tipper must be reinforced in order to carry that load.

As a result of these modifications, it’s not uncommon for tipper trucks in the United Kingdom to have 3 or 4 axles. Generally speaking, a vehicle with more axles can carry more weight than one with fewer axles, with 4 axles being able to carry about 32 tonnes in total weight or 20 tonnes in carrying capacity. These front axles are designated as steering axles, whereas the second set of axles is specifically for driving. This gives an improved grip on roads and surfaces. 

Tipper Hire From N.D Brown

If you believe your project requires a tripper truck, contact N.D Brown today.

At N.D Brown, we have a range of tipper trucks for rental. Our range of tipper trucks comes in a wide variety of sizes – from 3.5 tonnes to 32 tonnes. 

What’s more, our trucks can be rented for short or long-term slots – meaning that you can easily find a rental that suits your needs perfectly. We can provide tipper hire throughout the United Kingdom. Whether you’re looking for tipper hire in London or tipper hire in Belfast, you can find it at N.D Brown. 

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