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Effective Site Clearance Strategies for Construction Projects


In the pre-construction stage of a project, site clearance is taken place before any work can be conducted. It is the process of removing any hazardous materials or waste to prepare the site for safe construction or demolition. While preparations can vary from one project to the next, it usually involves the removal of vegetation, soil, rubble, and other unwanted materials or equipment as well as ground levelling work. In this article, we discuss effective site clearance strategies for construction projects.

Site Survey & Assessment

Before rubble can be cleared or existing building structure can be demolished, the site will need to be evaluated to investigate its current state and to ensure any existing obstructions, potential hazards or environmental concerns are dealt with properly. It can contain different aspects depending on the nature of the site and the construction project requirements. For instance, an investigation on the soil and a separate investigation on existing building structures.

Without a site survey and assessment, it could lead to future problems and deadlines may not be met due to delays on construction work. In fact, sources say that 80% of problems encountered on construction projects are due to unforeseen ground conditions that could have been avoided if an effective site investigation was carried out.

Waste Disposal Management

Proper waste disposal is crucial for effective site clearance. A site waste management plan (SWMP) must be established by the client or the principal contractor before site clearance begins. This plan outlines how waste held or produced on site will be handled safely, efficiently and disposed of legally. It also includes the types of waste and its quantities. Some construction projects may require a SWMP by law before work begins. Nonetheless, it’s essential to have a SWMP in place for effective site clearance and environmental protection.

Hire The Right Machinery & Equipment

To complete an effective site clearance, the right equipment and machinery needs to be at hand. Excavators, bulldozers and tipper grab lorries are some of the most common types of machinery used for site clearance. Other equipment can vary depending on the project requirements, but typically skips, wheelbarrows, handheld tools and PPE for construction workers will also be required. Failure to possess the right machinery and equipment can result in poor site clearance, of which can lead to more problems later on. 

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