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The Role of Grab Hire in Sustainable Construction Practices


In the world of construction and building, efficient, sustainable and safe practices is the key. In one of our previous articles, we discussed Sustainable Solutions for Construction Cleanup. Many construction companies have moved to more sustainable practices to reduce their impact on the environment. This can be done in several ways including switching from traditional materials to more sustainable options or hiring a tipper grab vehicle instead of purchasing one. In this article, we discuss the role of tipper grab hire in sustainable construction practices.

Improved Waste Management

One of the biggest roles grab hire has in sustainable practices is improving waste management. Construction companies produce a sustainable amount of waste – soil, concrete, bricks, bituminous materials, wood, glass, metal, etc. According to Defra statistics, the UK generated 59.1 million tonnes of non-hazardous construction and demolition waste in 2020, of which 54.8 million tonnes was recovered. Tipper grab vehicles are designed for quick and sustainable use because they can store mixed loads and be transported for disposal as soon as loading is complete. This minimises the length of time waste is left on-site.

High Capacity

Tipper grab vehicles can carry a payload up to an impressive 16 tonnes. Usually, tipper grabs vehicles have a higher capacity than traditional skips. This means it will potentially be more sustainable to hire a large tipper grab vehicle than hiring multiple skips. To suit different construction projects, tipper grab vehicles are available in a range of sizes, from 7.2 tonne to 32 tonne GVW with various payload capacities. 

Time and Cost Efficient

The use of grab hire in the construction and building industry can significantly reduce time and costs. Without grab hire, construction workers would have to manually load and unload waste, which can take far more time than if the construction company were to hire a tipper grab vehicle to do the heavy lifting work. Tipper grab vehicles can also reduce costs because less construction workers are required for waste management and maintenance costs are covered by the rental company.

Grab Hire Available Nationwide

To summarise, grab hire is ideal for all types and sizes of construction projects . It’s more cost-effective than spending the initial cost of purchasing one. It’s also environmentally-friendly because once a construction project is completed, the grab vehicle can be returned and used for another construction project. As a result, there are less grab vehicles with single ownership on the roads and less carbon emissions are being released.

At ND Brown, sustainability means everything to us, which is why we continue to make our best efforts in reducing our impact both on the environment and supporting carbon-saving projects as a Carbon Neutral Organisation. If you work as a project manager or a building contractor and are looking for ways to become more sustainable in your operations, consider hiring your tipper grab vehicles from ND Brown. We offer short and long-term contracts to small and large construction companies across the nation. To view our wide fleet of high-tech tipper grab vehicles, browse here

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