Gully Emptier


The 18 Tonne MVC Gully emptier / Jetter is available to hire from ND Brown. Fitted with the latest high powered jetting equipment, this gully emptier can blast stubborn drain blockages before extracting liquid and debris into its 1000 gallon vacuum compartment. Powerful cleaning capabilities are combined with the state of the art safety equipment to keep operatives, other road users and passing pedestrians safe.

MVT 18T Gully Emptier

Gully Emptier Vehicle Specification

  • 1800 gallon capacity
  • 800 gallons clean water for jetting
  • 1000 gallon vacuum compartment
  • Gully cover lifting attachment
  • 300 degree 5” air assisted gully boom
  • High pressure jetting pump with rear hose reel
  • Reverse camera, beacon bar, chapter 8
  • Side scan cycle safety equipment
  • Available for short – long term hire
  • Delivery/Collection service availableTo book a short or long term hire of the MVT 18 tonne gully emptier, contact us today.