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ND Brown HGV Hire – Dedicated to Cyclists Safety


Here at ND Brown we’re dedicated to ensuring the safety of the drivers and other road users our vehicles encounter and we are continually looking for the next step to improve this area. Our latest development is the addition of vehicle safety equipment from Sentinel Systems in the form of side scan cyclist detection systems across many of our HGV hire vehicles. Cyclist can be hard to see from our large HGV hire vehicles, and this can be dangerous for both the driver and the cyclist. This system is designed to detect vehicles in the blind spot of the vehicle, and will audibly warn the driver of the hazard – enabling them to take the safest possible route to avoid an accident. All our new specialist HGV hire vehicles are now being fitted with the system, and we’ve also began a retrograde fit for the rest of our fleet.

The Ultimate in Safety for HGV Hire

In a further move to improve safety we’ve fitted the Sentinel 4-Camera System to our larger vehicles including our 32 tonne tippers and grabs. These are designed to make manoeuvring easier with an all round comprehensive view of the outside. This eliminates blind spots – reducing accidents, but this data is also stored, making it an invaluable tool if an accident should occur.

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We’ve been in the specialist HGV hire business for many years and now have a fleet of over 450 vehicles including tippers, tipper grabs, cage tippers and hot boxes which are available from our 4 depots placed strategically throughout the UK. We’re dedicated to providing the best service for our specialist HGV hire customers and staff, as well as ensuring public safety – and we believe these measures will help us in this mission. If you would like to find out more about any of our HGV hire vehicles, or Sentinel systems fitted then please get in touch with a member of our expert team who can answer any questions you may have.

About ND Brown

ND Brown Ltd is a specialist independent truck rental and sales company of over 40 years’ standing. Owned and operated by the same dedicated management team since its inception, ND Brown’s efforts are focused on supplying the utility, civil engineering, municipal and highway maintenance industries with high-quality modern HGV vehicles for both short and long-term self-drive hire.

From our sales division, we also sell a wide, but specialised range of new and used commercial vehicles.

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