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Create Permanent Patches with a Tarmac Hotbox


A tarmac hotbox from N.D Brown is the best method for permanent asphalt repairs creating effective patches for road surfaces.

There are two main types of hot boxes on the market, and it is important to hire the box that suits your operation. We will talk you through both types for this blog post.

The Different Types of Tarmac Hotbox

A regular hot box, known as a ‘holding box’ is designed to simply hold hot mix asphalt that is already heated. These hot boxes are usually insulated but do not have a heat source. They are designed to move hot mix from the plant to the construction site and are suited to materials that will be used within a few hours.

Alternatively, a hot box reclaimer is insulated and is thermostatically controlled and can be used to maintain the temperature of fresh hot mix over a long period of time. Its greatest advantage is its ability to heat the cold virgin mix to a workable temperature all year round.

Hot boxes suit workers who do not have a dump truck with a 2-tonne repair available for jobs that need completing within a couple of hours.

N.D Brown agrees that contractors that are picking up material and planning on using it on the same day, could use a hot box to keep it warm. Using a reclaimer you just need to turn it off and then turn it on to reclaim it the following day.

Most contractors use hot box reclaimers as part of an infrared unit, which is used regularly during the winter to repair potholes when hot mix plants are shut down.

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All of the vehicles in our hot box range are insulated for thermostat control plus they are available in different sizes. Whether you are looking for propane gas heating systems, electronic gas ignition systems, digital temperature control or any other feature, N.D Brown have plenty to choose from.

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