Potholes review. Prevention and a better cure.


April 2012 has seen the release of Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme’s (HMEP’s) Potholes review commissioned by the Department for Transport (DfT). Amongst the findings and guidance on repair techniques are the following;

Materials laid hot from hot-box equipment are the preferred method of permanent repair amongst many authorities.”

“Walsall carried out a Lean review of its pothole response processes following a long period of network deterioration. 84% of pothole repairs were failing after 3 months and there was widespread public dissatisfaction. The review was undertaken with the full cooperation and involvement of politicians, staff and term contractor. New processes, practices and equipment (ND Brown Hot Boxes) were introduced and the people supported by a comprehensive change program. Efficiency savings of £450k per annum have been achieved. There have been no failed repairs, public satisfaction has increased and claims have decreased.”

Quality of repair – “Right first time – do it once and get it right, rather than face continuos bills.”