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Preventing Potholes with the Right HGV Hire


So far in 2021, we’ve been greeted with harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, sleet and ice. Although the snow and ice is welcomed by most for its beauty, it’s dreaded by road maintenance workers world over. This is because rain, snow and ice tend to lead to an increase in potholes.

What Causes Potholes?

If you drive, the likelihood is that you’ve come into contact with your fair share of potholes. However, what causes them? The key factor in explaining this is water. When water falls and hits the roads from rain or snow, it can be absorbed by the ground under the pavement. However, when water freezes, which is increasingly likely so far in 2021, it expands. As a result, it will now take up more space underneath the road and cause the road to expand and crack.

Once the ice eventually melts, the road will then contract, leaving gaps in the surface where water can continue to get trapped and weaken the pavement. Eventually, as the pavement gets weaker, it becomes more susceptible to the weight of the cars passing over it and eventually starts to be broken down, creating potholes.

How can Hot Box HGV Hire Help?

One of the most well equipped HGV hire vehicles available for tackling potholes is a Roadmender Hot Box vehicle. Here at ND Brown, we have amassed great experience supplying council bodies with Roadmender vehicles. With a separate dedicated roadmender unit fitted, you’ll have no trouble resurfacing the roads. Other features include, but are not limited to an econ twin chamber with a 60/40 split, a digital temperature control and propane gas heating system, a side tipping body between cab and hot box and an electric cylinder loading winch.

It’s also fitted with a hydraulic loader bucket and hydraulically driven discharge augers to make it easier to use. Our roadmender units also come in two sizes, according to what your project requires. They are:

HGV Hire Roadmender Hot Box

18 Tonne GVW Econ Roadmender Hot Box

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Our Roadmender vehicles are available on long or short term hire contracts, and a collection and delivery service is available. ND Brown is a supplier that you can trust. We regularly supply to the construction and highway maintenance sectors and our team is eager to help tailor your hire package to the needs of your business. We specialise in supplying a wide selection of hot box vehicle options. As a result, our hot box hire vehicles are maintained to the highest levels, and are available for hire throughout the country.

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