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What’s The Busiest Time of Year for Hiring a Tarmac Hotbox?


The question of which is the busiest time of year for hiring a tarmac hotbox is actually the question of when is the best time of year for resurfacing and other road repairs. In this latest article from N.D Brown, we’ll be taking you through this question. By doing this, we hope that you’ll gain an understanding of both when the busiest time of year to rent a hotbox is and also when is the most conducive time of year to complete road surfacing. Read on to find out more. 

Which Time of Year Is Best For Surfacing?

The best time of year for surfacing and resurfacing is one when the conditions are just right. In practical terms, this means a temperature that’s not too warm or too cold: if it’s too hot, the tarmac will take a very long time to dry. If it’s too cold, the tarmac may dry out and harden before it’s had time to settle, which means you risk having air bubbles in your surfacing – which could lead to cracks or even potholes. At the same time, your workspace will ideally be mostly dry at the time of installation. This is to ensure that you don’t inadvertently trap rainwater within the surface at any point, as this could also lead to cracks or potholes later on. 

With these two considerations in mind, it’s also important to remember that most potholes and surface damage are done during the winter months. As such, the best time of year for road surfacing is early spring to just before midsummer. The reason for this is two-fold.

  1. This time of year largely matches the temperature and environmental requirements described above. 
  2. As potholes and other forms of road damage can be dangerous to road users and pedestrians, it’s a good idea to get them fixed as soon as possible. Because early spring is the earliest time of year the weather matches the installation’s needs, it is the best time of year to complete the installation. 

Tarmac Hotboxes From N.D Brown

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