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Which Industries Should Rent a Tipper?


At N.D Brown, we’re very proud of our fleet of vehicles and the hard work that our customers are able to accomplish thanks to our vehicles. One of our most popular vehicles for rental is our fleet of tippers. 

N.D Brown carries a full fleet of tipper vehicles, in a range of different shapes and sizes – from 3.5 tonne to 32 tonne models. This means that our customers can tackle jobs of any size – from quick, easy jobs to large, industrial-level work. Our tippers come fully equipped, too. This means that our customers can truly tackle any job that comes their way. 

What Do Tippers Do?

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of construction or one of the industries which commonly use tippers they can seem a little alien. They shouldn’t, though. 

Tippers – regardless of whether they’re caged tippers or not – are a simple yet absolutely invaluable piece of equipment which allows you to move material around quickly and efficiently. Just like other vehicles designed for this purpose, they have a bay at the rear of the vehicle designed to carry large or vast amounts of material. 

The real difference between tipper hires and something like a traditional van is that a tipper’s bay is designed to ‘tip’ the material out – saving an incredible amount of time and effort. 

Who Uses Tippers?

Now that you know what tippers actually do, it’s time to learn about some of the industries which already make use of tippers as part of their day to day operations. 


More than any other industry, the construction industry makes heavy use of tippers for their day to day operations. Whether it’s to bring materials to the construction site or to remove waste away from the construction site, tippers are an excellently efficient way to transport materials where you need them to be. 

At the same time, their ability to tip this material out means that it can be offloaded quickly, without any specialised equipment besides the vehicle itself. This saves money and time. 

Scrap Metal Collection

Scrap metal collection and disposal is another industry which makes extensive use of tipper hire. Because scrap metal can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, scrap metal collectors need a vehicle with enough storage capacity that they can carry a profitable amount of material – as the actual worth of each piece will vary depending on the alloy that is being scrapped. 

Likewise, the ability to offload the material being transported means that people don’t need to climb into the bay to offload the scrap metal themselves – which would not only be time consuming but also potentially dangerous, depending on the metal. It’s for this reason that tipper hire is also an invaluable tool for recycling and waste removal professionals. 

Agricultural and Farming Sector

Another sector which makes extensive use of tipper hire is the agricultural and farming sector – particularly in regards to land cultivation. Tippers allow farmers and agricultural workers to transport vast amounts of material to where it needs to be. 

For example, imagine you’re looking to transplant some fertile topsoil to a place where you’d like to plant. There are a number of solutions you could use (including moving it by hand!) However, none of them is going to be as quick and efficient as transporting it via tipper. As we’ve previously mentioned, the ability to offload vast amounts of material means you could have finished the job – including multiple trips – in the time it takes a person to move one load of soil. It’s for this reason that tipper hire is also suitable for landscape gardeners and other people who have to move a lot of soil. 

Tipper Hire From N.D Brown

For over ten years, N.D Brown have been providing our clients throughout the United Kingdom with high quality HGV hire. Our fleet of vehicles includes 4×4 truck hire, tarmac hot boxes, and many more, and we offer both short term and long term commercial vehicle hire. 

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