The basics of site clearance explained


Working with N.D Brown on a site clearance operation will ensure you meet the highest industry standards.

We will give you an efficient and timely establishment of the site, the provision of facilities for contractors, visitors, and clients plus safeguarding of members of the public and the surrounding environment.

Ultimately, a successful site clearance results in an efficacious demolition of the required area to meet the needs of the client.

Preparing for a site clearance

Prior to a site clearance, a surveyor will carry out an assessment of the site being demolished. This will ideally consist of both photographic and a written record plus structural analysis. Additionally, consideration needs to be given to disruption of the surrounding area, such as any public facilities, businesses or other parties affected by the site clearance. Landowners nearby will also be informed before the boundaries of the site are established.

What is the process of site clearance?

The first part of the process includes any materials that site owners want to reuse, being extracted and placed in a suitable storage area. Once this material is removed, facilities for the contractors need to be established; such as storage, temporary offices, and safety equipment. Security fences will also be needed to be erected at this time.

Any materials which can be categorised as hazardous to the general public, such as a chemical or gas needs to be kept secure and clearly marked for storage. Where applicable these storage areas needed to have adequate security measures to access.

Completing Site Clearance

Once your site clearance is complete, the site manager will inform the landowner that the service will be terminated. Temporary fences, office buildings, and hygiene areas will be disassembled. All warning, hazard, and safety notices will be taken down and any alterations to the environment because of the construction will be reinstated.

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