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Why Hire a 4×4?


As well as tipper hire, ND Brown offers a wide range of rental services – including our fleet of 4×4 trucks. These vehicles are ideal for use in the construction industry, as well as waste removal in certain use cases.

4×4 Trucks From N.D. Brown

ND Brown is particularly proud to be able to say that our fleet is made up of Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks. This particular model is famous for its durability, incredible towing capacity, and ability to traverse any terrain as though it were a perfectly flat road. 

To give you an idea of the durability and traversability of this vehicle it’s important to remember how the Hilux gained its reputation. Not only has the Toyota Hilux conquered the Dakar Rally and Norway, but it was the first commercial vehicle to visit the magnetic north pole – which it did in 2007. Because of this illustrious history, we’re confident that our fleet of 4×4 trucks can handle any mission you need to accomplish.  

Scroll below for our top four examples of situations where renting a 4×4 Toyota Hilux from ND Brown would be a fantastic idea. 

You Need To Transport A Large Amount of Material

The most common reason why people need a truck is that they need to transport something – whether that be a single item or a large number of other things. 

Not only does a 4×4 allow you to do this, but it allows you to do it with the manoeuvrability of a regular car – which makes it ideal for moving large amounts of material in a packed urban or industrial environment. The Toyota Hilux can carry about 1,025kg to 1,130kg, depending on whether you go with a single or double cab size. This makes it ideal for most mid to heavy-sized transportation jobs. 

You Need To Traverse Difficult Terrain

The urban landscape isn’t the only place where having a 4×4 would be a fantastic idea. As their name suggests, the 4x4s double set of powered wheels makes them ideal for transporting large amounts of material through difficult terrain. As we mentioned previously, the Toyota Hilux was the first commercial vehicle to travel to the north pole. 

For an example of this ability to traverse difficult terrain, we turn to natural disasters. While it would be extremely difficult to get a traditional van into an area devastated by a natural disaster, a high-quality 4×4 vehicle would find the process incredibly easy. This makes them ideal vehicles for adventurers and first responders alike. 

Your Chief Concern is Safety 

Another reason why you should consider renting a 4×4 is if one of your chief concerns is safety. As well as making them ideal for transporting large amounts of material in different terrain, their double set of powered wheels makes them very easy to keep in control, even in difficult weather conditions, such as a snow storm or torrential rain storm. This means they can handle any job you put them through. 

You Want To Manage Your Budget

While all of the above is true, it’s very difficult to ignore the fact that these vehicles can be prohibitively expensive to buy. As a result, it’s often much more economically viable to rent the 4×4 from a third party (such as ND Brown) than it is to purchase one outright. 

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