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Why Should I Hire a Tarmac Hot Box?


12 Tonne Tarmac Hot Box

Here at ND Brown, we provide HGV hire to a variety of different industries from civil engineering and utility to municipal and highway maintenance. However, we specialise in offering tarmac hot box hire across the UK. In our experience, we’ve seen how tarmac hot boxes can revolutionise the way that you work on your project, boosting productivity and health and safety on site. In order to explore this in more detail, we’re going to share ways that a tarmac hot box can improve your project.

The Benefits of a Tarmac Hot Box

Here at ND Brown, we understand that time is money and are fully aware how much of a difference having the right tools can make. Having a tarmac hot box available is a great example of this, thanks to its ability to boost productivity and efficiency on site. For example, static hot boxes allow you to buy materials in bulk and store them at the right temperature, ready to be used whenever you need them. By using this in conjunction with hot box vehicles, you can start to save time and resources by cutting out trips back and forth from the asphalt plant. The time saved can then be put into another task instead.

In addition to improving efficiency and productivity, tarmac hot boxes also help to boost health and safety. Before these vehicles were available and widely used, gas burners would be used to keep the tarmac soft whilst driving through traffic. Thanks to hot boxes, there is no longer any need for flames and the risks associated with them.

Tarmac Hot Box Hire From ND Brown

Here at ND Brown, we offer a large fleet of vehicles on a variety of contract lengths to match any project scale and length. All of the vehicles are of the highest specification and come insulated for thermostat control. Full specifications can be found on our hot box hire page, with features such as propane gas heating systems, electronic gas ignition systems, digital temperature control and many other features available.

In our 40 years of experience, we have provided tarmac hot box trucks to a variety of industries, with them proving to be exceptionally helpful when dealing with potholes. Our hot boxes are extremely low maintenance and receive regular servicing to ensure that you reap the benefits of them working at their optimum level. Our current fleet offers everything from static hot boxes and towable hot boxes to 26 tonne hot box vehicles. Therefore, whether your project is small and domestic or large and commercial, we’ve got a hot box for you.

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