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Carbon Neutral Statement For June 2020


ND Brown Ltd have been Carbon Assessed during 2019 to calculate the quantity of Carbon created during a period of usual business activity. The assessments included auditing all fossil fuel usage such as diesels, petrol, oils and gasses. Our Carbon Footprint was then calculated to enable management and the implementation of measures to decrease these emissions.

As of early February 2020, ND Brown Limited is delighted and proud to be classed as a Carbon Neutral Organisation following our investments in numerous Carbon offset schemes. Details of these schemes can be found on our website under the Carbon Neutral tab.

A Unique Opportunity

ND Brown Ltd are determined to play our part in the global contribution and efforts to lower carbon emissions in line with many Governments’ directives and targets. These global emissions have fallen significantly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and this presents the world with a unique opportunity to attempt to maintain these lowered levels of climate influencing emissions.

ND Brown Limited can now make another significant contribution to Carbon Management by engaging with our clients to offer Carbon Neutral Usage of our hire vehicles whilst they are being operated. The vehicle/s arrive with our clients with no Carbon impact due to our investments in Carbon Management and our operating as Carbon Neutral, however once the vehicle is put to work then Carbon is being created and added to the environment.

Going One Step Further

Based on mileages covered, PTO hours and gas usage (Hot Box vehicles), ND Brown Ltd can calculate the Carbon Footprint of every vehicle during operation, and this Carbon can be offset by further investments into the numerous schemes offered around the world, details of which are viewable on our web site. ND Browns can calculate the offset required, arrange the offset investments, certify that the vehicle is being used as a Carbon Neutral operation, audit the process and calculations and forward signed certification detailing Carbon Neutral Usage.

To enable Carbon Free Usage of a vehicle, hired in directly from ND Brown Ltd, we need to be in receipt of confirmed fuel usage including any gas used on hot box vehicles. These figures can be estimated for an initial period whilst actual details are being recorded. These figures then only require forwarding to . The Carbon impact is then calculated and off set as per the details viewable on our web site.

Based on the average mileages covered and PTO hours across our fleet of circa 600 vehicles, we estimate that the extra weekly cost to enable Carbon Neutral Usage of a ND Brown Ltd vehicle to be between £6-00 and £10-00 per week. This Carbon Neutral Usage charge can be detailed separately on every hire invoice for our client’s visibility, Carbon Assessments, audit trails, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Policies and Carbon Journey.

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