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Hot Box Hire to Support UK-Wide Cycling Initiative


With the surge in bike sales during the lockdown, the UK government has announced £2 billion worth of improvements walking and cycling routes.

Hot box hire, from specialists such as N.D Brown, will be vital to realise this vision for councils all over the country.

For our latest blog, we are going to focus on the benefits of hot boxes plus explaining the main points of this announcement.

A New Era for Cycling and Walking

The statement from the Department for Transport, Office for Low Emission Vehicles can be summarised with the following points –

  • The largest ever boost for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Implementing emergency bike lanes and streets that will help support transport networks
  • Trials of rental e-scooters to be brought forward, increasing green transport options
  • Government collaboration with leading technology developers with the aim to reduce crowding on public transport

Hot boxes are ideal to store bituminous materials at the correct temperature prior to laying small excavations such as road alterations; which includes the installation of cycle routes.

Safety Precautions working with Hot Box Hire

If you are working with bitumen bound materials, N.D Brown would recommend taking the following precautions –

  • Always wear correct personal protection such as coveralls, boots and gloves
  • When bitumen is hot it will produce fumes, which must not be inhaled as they are harmful to your health. If bitumen is used in the open air the risk is considerably lower.
  • Molten bitumen is much hotter than boiling water and will burn your skin. If an accident occurs you will need to –
    – Bathe areas with cold water and seek medical advice
  • If bitumen is cold it can still affect your skin and eyes. If it comes into direct contact with your eyes you will need to –
    – Wash with water and seek medical advice
  • Bitumen bound materials take between 15 and 30 minutes to cool down to a comfortable temperature to touch. This is why a reinstatement completed using hot-lay bituminous materials should not be opened immediately to the public. If you are unsure, check it using a temperature probe. This is crucial in residential areas where young children could be playing. Whether it is a practical option depends on the requirement and the location of the works.

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