HGV Hire for Utilities Companies


HGV hire and HGV vehicles are an integral part of enabling utilities companies to install, maintain and repair the infrastructure which supplies UK homes with water, communications, gas and electricity.

We often take for granted that with the flick of a switch, the press of a button, or the turn of a tap we will be able to access water, gas, electricity, heating, lighting and communications. Considering how all of these utilities make it from their source to our homes and work places is not always appreciated.

HGV Hire for Water, Communications, Power and Gas

The utilities companies and their contractors who are responsible for supplying us require fleets of HGV vehicles to meet the energy and communications demands of the 21st Century. From transporting piping, tubes, components and cables to digging and extracting materials to access underground networks. All these tasks need the right type of vehicles. Apart from the planned and scheduled work of installation and repair. What happens in an emergency?

ND Brown has a comprehensive range of HGV hire vehicles so that an organisation can efficiently, and cost effectively implement their strategy and procedures to provide round-the-clock response, and the complete maintenance and repair work to meet the expected levels of customer service.

HGV Hire for Nationwide Utilities Contractors

With five depots located in different regions of the UK, ND Brown has the capacity, experience and track record of supplying utilities contractors with all their HGV hire requirements nationally.

From flat bed tippers of all sizes for equipment and infrastructure transportation, to tipper grabs for the efficient back fill and reinstatement services. Transporting teams in crew cabs or to more inaccessible sites is possible with 4×4’s. Once a section of road has been reinstated following excavation and installation there are hot box hires for resurfacing tarmac.

We aim to provide you with the HGV and commercial vehicle hire to facilitate your work and reduce disruption to the general public. Contact us today with your enquiries.