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The Many Uses of Grab Hire


Grab hire lorries from N.D Brown are ideal for moving large amounts of building, construction and garden waste, as well as a variety of other materials. At the same time, they are a low-cost alternative to other waste removal methods – such as traditional skip hire. 

Our grab hire lorries are specially designed with ease of use in mind, using a hydraulic arm and bucket to collect and clear away large quantities of waste from areas that were previously inaccessible.

Why Choose Our Grabber Lorries?

As previously mentioned, our grabber lorries have been designed with ease of use in mind; our hydraulic arm systems and buckets make mastering our tipper hire vehicles extremely easy – even for a beginner! 

Another key advantage of renting grab lorries from N.D Brown, is the amount of waste our grab lorries can hold, as one of our standard vehicles can typically fit twice the volume of waste as two skips – with that amount only increasing the larger the grabber you hire – with our 32 tonne grabber lorry having the carrying capacity of 8(!) skips. 

The obvious additional benefit of such a high carrying capacity is that it is far cheaper to hire one of our basic 7.2 tonne lorries than two skips; meaning we provide high efficiency without breaking the bank. The convenience of a grab lorry means it can arrive at your site at a specific time and collect and safely transport the waste with minimal disruption.

What type of waste can grab lorries remove?

Because of their exceptional ease of use, grab lorries can pick up waste materials in hard-to-reach areas – a benefit which traditional skips cannot boast. 

Here are some examples of waste they can remove –

  • Soil
  • Muck
  • General rubbish
  • Green waste: garden waste, such as grass or flower cuttings, hedge trimmings
  • Hardcore waste: aggregates, such as concrete, topsoil

Deciding between skip hire and grab hire

Grab and skip hire can remove waste from domestic and commercial sites safely and efficiently; but which is best to choose?

Grab lorries specialise in removing large quantities of waste plus they are very agile vehicles that don’t require roadside permits.

Skip hire requires permits to keep the skip on the road and also have varying approval times. This means if you have a project where there is limited space, hiring a grabber vehicle from N.D Brown would be the best solution.

Grab Hire In Manchester and London From ND Brown

For over 40 years, ND Brown has been providing our customers with high-quality industrial vehicle rentals and other services. Our fleet includes the previously mentioned tipper grabbers, 4x4s, and road sweepers

If you would like to know more about grab hire in London, Manchester and the rest of the UK, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us now.

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