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What is a Tarmac Hotbox Used For?


A big part of ND Brown’s fleet is our range of tarmac hotboxes. These vehicles are used during highway maintenance to apply road surface solutions in order to create or repair a road surface. As a result, our tarmac hotboxes are used for both road renovation – helping to maintain the UK’s vast network of roads and motorways – and road construction.

How Does a Tarmac Hotbox Work?

The process of applying a road surface is relatively simple. Firstly, the surface is heated until it has melted – which is done using an onboard oven. In the case of ND Brown’s vehicles, this heating is done via an electronic gas system that can be thermostatically controlled. 

The amount of material that can be carried depends on the size of the tarmac hotbox. For example, ND Brown’s 7.2/7.5 tonne GVW Hot Box has a carrying capacity of 2 cubic meters and a payload of 3 tonnes. Meanwhile, our 26 tonne GVW Econ Roadmender Hot Box can carry 5 cubic meters of material and has a payload of up to 10 tonnes – making it suitable for large motorways and other construction projects.  

Once this material has been heated to the appropriate temperature, it is then applied to the road. There are two ways tarmac can be applied. The first is via a spray system, which ensures a thin (yet consistent) coat. This spray system is ideal for quick surface courses and aesthetic renovations. 

Alternatively, the tarmac can be applied using a hose. Using a hose is preferable when applying the tarmac to cover up potholes and other fairly deep blemishes in the surface of the road. For surface level applications and aesthetic touch ups, however, it is much better to use the spray. 

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