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Supporting Refugees in Ukraine With The Kings Arms


With the events unfolding in Ukraine, at ND Brown we have been eager to help people displaced by the conflict and support those who are taking active steps to provide aid and comfort.  

One of these incredibly generous people is Mr. Neal Chandler, landlord of the Kings Arms in Eccleshall. Mr. Chandler, along with the rest of his staff, have organised a massive donation drive in order to help displaced people. If such a generous act wasn’t enough, everything donated will be personally taken to Poland – where most Ukrainian Refugees are currently staying. 

We would like to take this opportunity to publicly celebrate Mr. Neale Chandler, the hard-working staff of the Kings Arms, and the generous people who donated. We were extremely proud to help and support the Kings Arms team in this incredible endeavour. We supported the team by contributing to the fuel and toll costs for the journey – both to and from Poland. 

Generous Donations

On their initial post on Facebook, the Kings Arms requested the following items be donated: 

  • Blankets.
  • Duvets.
  • Clothing for teenagers.
  • Nappies. 
  • Basic medicines (not prescription medicines). 

The response the Kings Arms received was incredible. In little over 3 days, the  team had enough donated materials to fill the van right up to the roof. 

From Eccleshall to Przemyśl

This journey took over 1,350 miles – starting in Eccleshall and finishing in Przemyśl, Poland. On the first day, the team travelled over 770 miles, passing through Dover, Calais, Brussels and Antwerp before finishing in Germany. On the second day of the journey, the team went from Germany into Poland, via the town of Goriltz. That night, they shared an Airbnb with refugees from Ukraine. 

On the third day, the team left Goriltz via the fastest route, going over snow-capped hills and single lane icy roads, eventually arriving in Przemyśl, one of the oldest cities in Poland. Once in the city, they first headed towards the train station, only to be told that they couldn’t drop off supplies there. 

After being redirected to a drop-off depot about 15km outside of town, the team arrived, finding hundreds of people arriving, some of them carrying nothing more than a small duffel bag. Once at the drop off point, the team was met by three members of Poland’s State Fire Service, who helped off load the supplies and then shared a coffee. 

Finally, the team headed towards the Ukrainian frontier. Once again the team was confronted with hundreds of people passing over the border, carrying little. Those people were greeted by the generosity of people from all  over the world. The area was filled with many aid stations, offering hot food, drinks, and fresh clothes to the displaced people of Ukraine. 

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