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Why Hiring a Traffic Management Vehicle is a Necessity


ND Brown carries a wide variety of vehicles from our hire services. We have everything – from the multi-role 4×4 vehicles to specialist vehicles like our fleet of tarmac hot boxes. Another of our specialist vehicles is our selection of Traffic Management Vehicles – both with and without tail lifts

Requirements & Traffic Management Legislation

Traffic Management Vehicles have been designed to fill both a general and a very specific need in terms of highway repair and maintenance. 

The general need for a traffic management vehicle is for a vehicle which can transport general traffic management materials. The materials include stop and go boards and portable traffic lights.

These materials can come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes – meaning that an optimal amount of space is necessary. The open-topped nature of the traffic management vehicles allows for Traffic Management Fleet Operators to survey any traffic and open or close roads as necessary. 

The second, more specific need, relates to both the Health and Safety at Work Act Etc 1974 and the Safety at Street Works and Road Works Code of Practice. Both these documents set out clear health and safety guidelines concerning work done on highways. This work must be clearly and plainly visible for approaching and passing motorists. 

How Does ND Brown’s Fleet Adhere To The Safety at Street Works and Road Works Code of Practice?

The Safety at Street Works and Road Works Code of Practice sets out a few specific guidelines in terms of vehicle presentation. This is to ensure that traffic management vehicles can be clearly seen by both passing and approaching motorists. 

For example, one requirement is that vehicles are clearly marked as ‘Highway Maintenance’ or ‘Motorway Maintenance’ on the vehicle’s rear. Another way is that the vehicles must be clearly marked – preferably with a yellow and red stripe. ND Brown’s vehicles fulfil both these requirements. This ensures that our vehicles can be clearly seen and that any traffic management fleet operators using  our vehicles are as safe as possible. 

Traffic Management Vehicles From ND Brown 

As a result of the requirements of both the job itself and health and safety guidelines, hiring a traffic management vehicle is an absolute necessity. ND Brown carries a wide range of such vehicles, including vehicles both with and without tail lifts. Our vehicles can be rented for both a short term and long term period, depending on your needs. 

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