Repair Roads Early with Hot Box Hire


26 tonne hot box hire

The cold winter weather can be extremely bad for roads, paths and buildings causing damage which must be repaired quickly. One of the most common areas to encounter problems is on the roads – these have to endure long periods of heavy rain with no shelter as well as the constant impact of vehicle traffic. If a crack or pothole appears in the road from the extra stresses placed on the surface it’s essential that they’re repaired early, to reduce the effects to the road users.

The Advantages of Repairing Roads Early with Hot Box Hire

If left, the problem could get worse as water can then get into this crack. If this water freezes this will then expand causing the crack to open further, and this can happen over and over again every time it rains and the temperature drops. This can cause hazardous conditions for drivers causing unsafe conditions and the possibility of damage to the vehicles driving on these roads. It’s therefore essential that roads are repaired as soon as the first signs of potholes appear.

Here at ND Brown, we stock a wide selection of hot box hire vehicles which are designed to repair roads. They keep the road surfacing material at the optimum temperature for laying and funnel it to the area required. Our hot boxes are available in a range of sizes to suit the scale of your business or project and we also have a specialised 18-tonne roadmender hot box for larger jobs.

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