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Tarmac hotbox vehicles from N.D Brown will help to deliver improved infrastructure across the country, in line with the Government’s Road Investment Strategy.
N.D Brown has worked regularly with the Highways Agency on an array of road improvement projects in various different locations.

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Tarmac Hotbox Helps Drive Strategy Forward

The Road Investment Strategy was first introduced in 2015, with a five-year plan outlined in the document with the intention of improving Britain’s motorways and major trunk roads with five major aims:

  • Support the UK economy with improved transport links
  • Having a network ready for the future
  • Improve safety of drivers encouraging safe behaviour and investment in road design
  • Integrate new roads with existing roads
  • Tackle long term environment challenges including climate change

As the first plan ends next year, here are some of the significant developments currently on-going ahead of the 2020 revised document –
M4 ‘Smart’ Motorway installation between junctions 3 and 12.
M6 ‘Smart’ Motorway upgrade between junctions 16 and 19
M1 Junctions 19 to 16 reducing congestion with a ‘Smart’ motorway

The Government has also tasked Highways England with improving safety performance on strategic road networks as well as tackling engineering challenges. Tarmac Hotbox vehicles have proved time and time again as an efficient way of constructing new roads and repairing existing networks.

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