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Use Cage Tippers to Improve Recycling


Cage tippers can be at the forefront of your organisation’s drive to increase recycling. With global warming and climate change gaining a lot of coverage in the media, the importance of becoming a greener society to tackle pressing environmental issues is very apparent. One way to confront and achieve this is to recycle waste.

We rely on a lot of packaging but with many plastics, cardboard, metals and glass capable of being reused. The environmental and economic benefits are now clear for everyone and with targets to reduce landfill, transporting large quantities of recyclable waste by cage tipper can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Transport Recyclable Waste Safely with Cage Tippers

Keeping a load secure while it is in transit is essential and there are plenty of techniques and equipment to ensure this. Complying with regulations and keeping on the right side of the law will keep everyone safe. The Road Traffic Act 1991 legislation covers a number of offences related to insecure loads. The maximum penalty for causing or likely to cause danger by reason of load or passengers (CU50) is a fine of £5,000 three penalty points on your driving licence which remain for 4 years and a disqualification.

According to the Gardener’s Guild, in the event of transporting green waste, a free waste carriers license (or lower Tier waste carriers license) needs to be applied for. Commercial gardeners cannot dispose of green waste for free at local recycling centres. They will need to drive their cage tippers to a privately owned recycling centre for which a charge will be placed.

Cage Tippers for Short or Long Term Hires

Organisations such as local authorities or private companies looking to transport recyclable waste by cage tippers can do so utilising either long or short term hire terms. Perhaps you are running a festival or other cultural event this summer and only require an additional vehicle for a few days? Maybe your organisation has won a contract and you need a few cage tippers for the duration of your agreement? Whatever your requirements, here at ND Brown we have the commercial vehicle hire solution, contact us today with your enquiries.

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