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What Do Gully Emptiers Do?


After floods and heavy rain storms it is very common for there to be some remaining material left once the majority of the waters have receded or evaporated. This is particularly true in urban or semi-urban areas – where drainage is compromised due to the amount of concrete and tarmac in the ground. 

The Problem With Standing Water

This water is problematic for a wide variety of reasons, all of them being connected to the fact that the water is standing (meaning that it doesn’t flow to or from anywhere). Standing water is problematic because it quickly becomes host to a small ecosystem made up of insects and smaller microorganisms such as legionella. 

This ecosystem is an issue because it can quickly grow. Insects quickly attract larger animals such as birds, which in turn attract other animals such as wild dogs, cats and foxes – which can quickly become something of a menace in a neighbourhood. Meanwhile, numerous bacteria (including the aforementioned legionella) can prove fatal to humans. 

As a result, it’s very important that any standing water be cleaned up from a high traffic area quickly. It’s here that gully emptiers come in. 

What Do Gully Emptiers Do?

As their name suggests gully emptiers empty gullies. They do this through the use of a system of tanks and vacuums that literally sucks the standing water from the gully and then safely deposits it into a nearby drainage system. From there, the previously standing water is then cleaned and returned to the water system. In the case of areas where existing drainage systems have been blocked, the gully emptiers have an onboard hosing system designed to allow it to unblock drains quickly.   

Gully Emptiers From ND Brown

ND Brown is proud to offer an 18 tonne GVW MVC Gully Emptier as part of our HGV fleet. Our Gully Emptier has been fitted with high-quality jetting equipment, ensuring that any stubbornly blocked drains can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Afterwards, its 1,000 gallon vacuum compartment extracts standing water just as quickly. Our gully emptiers feature a 1,800 gallon capacity, can fire 800 gallons of clean water through its jets, feature a reverse camera and side scan cycle safety equipment. 

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